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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Gentle Art”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, or combat sport, that has been made popular by its success in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).  The Art is a system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting as a method of neutralizing an opponent.  More often than not, BJJ is taught and utilized as a method in which a smaller opponent can defeat a much larger, stronger opponent through the use of leverage and technique—Most notably, this is accomplished through a series of joint manipulations and choke holds.

Simply put, BJJ is a blend of Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Judo, with the addition of Joint Manipulations and Submission Holds.

It answers the question, “Ever wonder what happens after my opponent and I land on the ground after a takedown or throw?”

What differentiates BJJ with other forms of grappling and ground fighting is its emphasis on fighting when your back is against the ground, commonly referred to as “playing guard.”  The guard allows practitioners to control their opponents safely from their backs and, at any time, be able to turn the tide in their favor by executing a sweep (reversal using their guard) or by submitting their opponents.

At New Breed Training Center, we offer a variety of BJJ classes that can cater to your needs.  If you are not sure which classes may apply to you, below is a brief description of each type.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals:

Our introductory course exposes novice practitioners to basic concepts that will be relied upon throughout their whole grappling careers.  In these classes, an emphasis is placed on developing muscle memory and introducing situation drilling.  Great for Beginning Adults and even Teenagers 14 & older.

“All Levels” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

The core of our BJJ program; these classes integrate some of our “seasoned” novice practitioners with some of our most gifted and experienced practitioners.  These classes usually allow for a wide range of skill levels which we utilize to not only build confidence in our less experienced members, but also to sharpen the skills of our more advanced players. We begin to tailor each person’s skill set and expose each student in these classes to a wide array of variations of basic to intermediate moves.   Full Sparring, or “rolling” is also encouraged in these classes but not required.

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

Be In Shape for these!!! We place a premium on positional and situational drilling.  Advanced, Competition Tested techniques are taught as well as customization of each person’s “game.” Be ready for lots of “live” drills and sparring.

“No-Gi” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

All the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without the kimono.  While the debate rages on as to what is more important between “Gi or No-Gi,” we feel it advantageous to be able to train in both.  While recognizing that training in the kimono is essential and the foundation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi does offer a faster change of pace—allowing grapplers to develop quick reactions and teaching our practitioners the importance of reacting quickly on your feet.  This class is meant as a supplement to our regular BJJ Classes and not as a replacement.

Striking (Boxing & Muay Thai)

Muay Thai (Kickboxing) – “The ‘King of the Ring”

Muay Thai is a very powerful, physical martial art, or combat sport, that uses stand-up striking attacks along with various clinching techniques.  Low kicks, or leg kicks, to the thighs utilizing the shin instead of one’s instep are often associated with Muay Thai.  Grappling within the clinch to use both knee and elbow strikes as well as sweeps, are often seen as well.

The training involves rigorous physical training, similar to that practiced by Western boxers. It includes running, shadow-boxing, and heavy bag work. Much emphasis is also placed on various drills with the so-called “Thai pads”. These pads weigh five to ten pounds, and cover the wearers’ forearms. In use, the trainer wears the pads, and may hold them to receive kicks, punches, and knee and elbow strikes, and may also use them to punch at the trainee. This training is vaguely similar to the way boxing trainers use focus mitts.

Full contact, full-power sparring is usually not done in training, due to the devastating nature of the techniques employed. Thai boxers may box, hands only, with ordinary boxing gloves. Another training drill is for two fighters to clinch, and practice a form of stand-up grappling, the goal of which is to try to land a knee strike. However, full-power kicks, knees, and elbows are typically not used in training.

For our classes we recommend that sparring equipment (Separate sparring Gloves at least 16 ounces, Shin Guards, Groin Protection, Head Gear and mouth protection) be purchased in order to participate in sparring drills which will increase your Muay Thai proficiency.  While we may provide some basic gear that is used for bag work, these items are not approved for sparring.

Boxing – “The Sweet Science”

Our Boxing Classes cover everything you need to truly learn the art of Boxing. From proper punching technique, defensive movement, footwork, and physical conditioning, our classes serve as an exceptional foundation to build on.  Classes are taught in timed intervals to simulate the non-stop training a pro-boxer receives.  We offer two types of classes which meet the needs of our members.

“All Level” Classes:

These classes are open to everyone and are integrated.  Whether you are looking for a good workout or looking to increase your boxing knowledge, these classes are for you.  They incorporate a large amount of drilling and technique that will make you sweat, lose pounds, and most importantly, learn the correct and safe way to Box.

“Sparring” Classes:

(Monday and Wednesday, 8 p.m.) Appropriate and approved sparring gear is necessary for these classes (Headgear, Mouthpiece, Groin Protection, Sparring Gloves; not bag gloves).  These classes will focus on actual boxing rounds in a controlled setting.  Ideal for the individual looking for additional rounds to perfect timing and technique in a “real” setting.

(Free Trials not allowed for this class).


Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training is available to our members who are looking for a way to integrate their striking and grappling training.  Our Fundamental Classes deal with blending the transition from stand-up to grappling and vice versa.  Both offensive and defensive concepts are reviewed as well as basic techniques and drills.  Positional Sparring is utilized to develop both positions of strength and weakness.

Trial Classes and drop ins are not allowed for this class and appropriate sparring and drilling gear must be present (Gloves, Shin Guards, Head Gear, Bag Gloves, MMA Gloves, Mouthpiece, Groin Protection).

*Please also note that participants in our MMA Classes must be members of both our BJJ and Striking programs.*

Afternoon MMA Training (Invite Only) is reserved for those members and their fight camps who have upcoming scheduled bouts.  Trial Classes and Drop In’s are not allowed.


Performance Based Strength and Conditioning

Improving your performance on the field or in the board room

Many Strength and Conditioning Programs claim they specialize in not specializing. The end result?  Monotony, Boredom, and eventually giving up on a Strength and Conditioning program.

Our Strength and Conditioning Program specializes in Performance. Performance you can use during a grappling match or simply performance for your workday. Not specializing means you become average at a few things and great at none. Our program is designed to improve your Performance, for any circumstances since when you perform better you achieve more.  Some people head to the gym to work out. Our program looks at gym time as training. Every time you train you are looking to improve one more rep or one second faster and it does not matter as long as you are improving. How do we know you are improving? By looking at your Performance.

Our program starts with two assessments: a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and a Biosignature Analysis. The Functional Movement Screen assesses movement and mobility issues. This is the same assessment used in the NFL and the NHL to assess injury risk. Second, a Biosignature Analysis gives us a clear view on where you store your body fat and why.

Everyone starts with 3-6 months of General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  During this time we develop the mobility and motor control necessary to improve performance.  Once the proper motor control and mobility are developed, we start building strength. The greater mobility and motor control the better the performance.

Our Strength program is based on the Russian Method of periodization also known as the conjugate method; Westside Barbell made this method famous. Everyone, regardless of goals, should develop strength. During the strength program we focus on building functional strength—The type of strength that you can use in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, a Boxing match, manual labor, or doing work around your house.

Every session starts with a mobility warm-up, next a strength workout, and finally conditioning using various tools such as sleds and battle ropes. The goal is to constantly improve. A good program needs to have a way to measure progress. Ours is Performance.


Kids’ Program


Our Kid’s program provides a safe, fun, training environment for children and young teens.  We want to make sure that our younger students learn the martial art and the lessons associated with them such as respect and discipline.  But at the same time, we want it to be fun for them.  We offer both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Striking (Boxing/Muay Thai) as part of our Kids’ Program.   To find out if our program is right for your child, please contact us.

Kids’ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will challenge your children to utilize and develop both their bodies and minds.  Your children will learn Fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu concepts and everything they will need to prepare them for when its time for them to join up with our Adult programs.   We understand that most Kids’ Programs have quite an array of age ranges and sizes, which is why a majority of the time we will group the class based on skill level and age.

Kids’ Striking (Muay Thai and Boxing)

In our Kids’ Striking classes, we emphasize the development of motor skills while teaching the sport aspects of Boxing and Muay Thai.  Although typically known as very physically demanding arts, we are able to teach both in a safe, fun way which allows our members to learn quickly.  Controlled Sparring is only allowed for older children who have received clearance from our Program’s instructors.

Kids’ “Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)”

Not to be confused with the MMA seen on Television or our Adult MMA classes. Our Kids’ “MMA” program blends the fundamental concepts learned in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program and our Kids’ Striking program and teaches the self-defense aspect of both in an extremely controlled environment.  MMA sparring among our young members is never allowed.


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